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General Manager

Andi Irvan Zulfikar has joined Saha Group as General Manager in July 2010 and directly managed four companies; Aspirasi Timor Sdn. Bhd, Custovic Sdn. Bhd, Azwa Marine Sdn. Bhd, and Dominant Fortune Sdn. Bhd. He graduated from Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia and obtained Bachelor of Commerce. Previously, he worked for 6 years as Director of Finance and Marketing at PT Jangkar Karsa Suhada, Indonesia. The company was engaged in supplying Indonesian seaman to foreign shipping companies.

His ambitions are to bring changes to the four companies. Achieving maximum quality of service, increasing work productivity (fast and efficient), and stressing occupational safety and health environment are his main objectives. Consequently, Saha Group can be more competitive in the global business challenge.

‘A system can work well if we continuously control and monitor our workers without compromise'